Hier komen de verhalen door de jaren heen te staan. Het is meer historie dan verhalen, want we willen nog wel eens vergeten dat dit gedeelte bestaat.

Team Maledict 4.0

15-05-2013 21:51

Alle goede dingen komen minimaal in 4 series hebben we ooit geleerd van Die Hard 4.0, en dus kan onze site niet achter blijven!

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Funny HoN related quotes

29-07-2011 16:50

I have been gathering a lot of funny HoN related remarks and quotes over time, and decided to share them all with you. That way we all have some reading material when servers are down or whatever.
I don't have the correct sources for all of them, so sorry in advance if I used anyones quote without giving credit.

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Soloing Misconceptions

08-04-2011 09:33

If I have nothing to do there’s nothing more fun then to check out the forums and have a good laugh about threads that says “I cant get to the 1700 bracket because I always end up with noobs”.

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Another new layout

24-03-2011 15:16

It has been a while since the last mayor update on the site, and now you can all see why it took so long! Lots of cosmetic and development updates have gone online in this version.

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Interesting tweets by Nome

09-02-2011 13:26

Nome has made some very interesting (XL)Tweets recently, which I will share with you.

They give good insight in the past and current state of both DotA and HoN.

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