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I have been gathering a lot of funny HoN related remarks and quotes over time, and decided to share them all with you. That way we all have some reading material when servers are down or whatever.
I don't have the correct sources for all of them, so sorry in advance if I used anyones quote without giving credit.

Originally Posted by Assimilation
SK + GR: "Our rulebook will blot out the sun"
MSI: "Then we will fight in the shady"

Man I completely forgot diablo 3. when that comes out, HoN is going off the hard drive. "do you want to kill hordes of monsters and get endless treasure, or run around with boots and a power supply and die to two myrmidon spells?"
Hmm, hard choice there.

"Ok we got enough carries, get some INT hero"
- Orange has picked Puppet Master

11.00 min
- STFU I'm planting mines around kongor.

Riftshards are red, Spellshards are blue.
I save my ultimate just to killsteal you


Originally Posted by Gizzleby
Engineer: What do you hate the most about me?
Devourer: Your mine.

Originally Posted by Saekki
Derpus von Herpus is placing wards at rune. He gets haste and runs over the mines. The mines follow, but poor Derpus von Herpus doesn't notice that, instead he rushes to help his good friend Ragemus Maximus who is in grave danger. "Wait Ragemus, I'll save you!" yelled Derpus. "OMFG! STAY AWAY RETARD!" raged Ragemus and they both blowup in nice ol' fashion ball of fire. The end.

GameGuy :
What happens if a bottle is on the ground for 2 minutes with a rune inside it?
The bottle will use it, meaning it will either regain all it's hp and mana, deal double damage, move at 522 speed or it will be invisible.

I have a question: Is swiftblade using his ultimate without creeps being nearby to take the hits forbidden? Is it an official rule that swiftblade may only press R when the opposing team has creeps nearby? Because if it is not official than it should be. My team just lost a won game because the opposing team's swiftblade used his ultimate against us several times while we were without creep support, and genocided us. For example, we were running down the river and he came down off the hill and unfairly used his ultimate when we didn't have creeps or neutrals around to help us. Is this a reason for reporting such behavior? And is it even punishable? Thank you for responses.

Maxing Electrician's Grip is like raping.
Sure, you get near your victim. But often you are interrupted, it is frowned upon and there are far better alternatives.

98% of 31% Pebbles players that win less than 50% of their games played while playing 95% -AP who bottle first solo mid 100% of the time and fight in 0% of team fights agree that TSR matters.
95% of 7% Keeper players that rush Frostburn and Elder Parasite 90% of the time while maxing camouflage first 100% of the time and fight in 0% of team fights agree that TSR matters.

Heard about the Bubbles that was TURTLING the game?
Or the Pebbles that ROCKED?

Why do nerds only wear one shoe?
'Cause boots don't stack!

Why did Nymphora get a Runed Axe?
To improve her cleavage!

At last, what we have all been waiting for; Yo momma!

Yo momma is so fat all Sand Wraiths illusions go after her!
Yo momma is so fat she can't fit in Chronos ulti!
Yo momma is so fat Devourer drags himself towards her with his hook!
Yo momma is so fat even Tablet of Command can't push her!
Yo momma is so fat her inventory is always full!
Yo momma is so fat that when Valkyrie tried leaping past her she got stuck in there
Yo momma is so fat she pushed mid, bot and top lane at the same time!
Yo momma is so stupid she denied the World Tree!

oh, oh, oh and;
Yo momma is so fat even Stormspirit can't lift her!
Yo momma is so fat even with Witch Slayer's miniaturization she can still swallow Kongor alive.
Yo momma is so fat last time Andromeda tried to swap with her it made a fissure trail where they swapped.
Yo momma is so fat Pharoah got lost into oblivion last time he ulted her.
Yo momma is so fat when Glacius used Ice Imprisonment on her, it solved Global Warming!!
Yo momma is so fat when Pandamonium flicked her up she fell on top of him and killed him.
Yo mamma is so fat Pestilence doesn't have a big enough swarm to ulti her.
Yo mamma is so fat the enemies always focus her, since they think she's the Melee Barracks.
Yo mamma is so fat even Pebbles can't toss her.
Yo mamma is so stupid she tries to deny the courier.
Yo mamma is so fat that when Night Hound tries to pounce behind her he gets disconnected.

Strategy discussion in a 1300 PSR game.
Moon Queen: "Hey guys let's push a tower."
Torturer: "Hmph!" ... "Damnit, it's too heavy it won't move!"
Hammerstorm: "Lol i told you to pick a strength hero, noob."

Kraken was banned from the internet because he was known as a torrent user

One night Chronos got really horny and desperate that he tried hooking up with Ophelia, Nymphora, The Dark Lady and Valkyrie.. But they all rejected him. So he went over to Succubus' house. He knew Succubus was going to reject him too, so he sneaked into her house and saw her lying on her bed all naked. Chronos being desperate as he was leaped onto her, ulted and had her way with her and leaped out again. After Chronos left and his ult wore off, Succubus was like wtf? What happened?!?!? Then Night Hound said "I don't know, but my butt hole hurts like hell!!

I do try to harass. Guess what happens? CREEPS ON ME LIKE I'M THE ONLY JEW IN 1940'S GERMANY.

Solo matchmaking should be renamed to "Give away MMR"

Originally Posted by phubby
my english is bugged, where do i get new one

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It scares away people when I'm destroying towers

Originally Posted by Xevereverex
Please stop trolling my thread
34 APM is not even low at all it means i click twice per second almost please just stay on topic.

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After reading this, my IQ went down by 5. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by ScreenShotx
From 6 to 5...wont make such a huge difference

I'm really bad at losing on purpose. I just can't do it.

TSR is porn for people who masturbate over statistics.

Statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is suggestive(PSR), but what they conceal is vital (TSR).

Yes, my rustiness pisses me off very often, but after playing around 80 games per day, I have recovered quite a bit.
At the beginning of my comeback, my brain was functioning at a very low capacity and I couldn't help but think, 'Wow is this how bkid feels like?'

Since "Choose Wisely" has been removed, I've seen an increase of unwise picks go up by 40%.

Invoker? most confusing hero ever
true, but then again, they took a really simple hero like Nerubian Assassin and made Fayde.
I mean someone would try to read the tooltips in their first game and they'd lose mid rax before they finished

We should learn from the Pollywog experience that if we change the attack to a laser it will fix everything.

Your usefulness on a scale of rampage to 10 is a rampage.

Originally Posted by Triumph117
So a ward is blocking my creep pull, feeling like a pro I courier out a sentry ward and use it to get rid of the ward. Then feeling even more pro, I just realised I had also blocked the creep with my ward

This guy has less than 2 denies per game (which are probably from accidentally right clicking the creeps) and saying stats doesn't tell ANYTHING about the players skill. Yet some people are agreeing with this.

I heard succubus smitten is the best counter.
Say hello to -120% basedamage Chronos hitting you with toiletpaper.

I saw a Pyromancer on my team with Marchers, Helm of the Victim, Trinket of Restoration, the +6 str armband, +6 int robe, and a Steamstaff.
I was like "wtf??" until he asked me where the inventory slot for "leg armor" was. That's when I headdesked.

There is a scientific formula X > Y where X can be anything and Y is Rampage.

Most OP Heroes:
1 Moon Queen
2 Hammerstorm
3 Keeper of the Forest

1. A nuke that does 300 damage with a low cooldown? HOW IS THAT NOT IMBA. lets look at the math. if she has 30 seconds with me in the lane and the average lane phase lasts 10 minutes she can do 1500 damage so in 10 minutes she can do 30,000 ****ing damage. with one skill. 30,000 damage.
2. Ok this is just stupid. free double damage rune?!?! why dont you give him a free haste rune too? OH WAIT YOU DID LOL and its AOE ROFL and gives ****ing armor GG!!! next thing you know they'll give him an aoe stun/nuke and a cleave. lawl.
3. Seriously, he can invis his whole team and disable your whole team for 5 seconds, and he does like 70 damage with his attack AT LEVEL ONE. that means at level 25 he will do 1750 DAMAGE WITH A MELEE ATTACK. AND A 5 SECOND DISABLE. DO THE ****ING MATH do you know how many times he can hit you in 5 seconds at level 25 thats like 9000 ****ing dmage from one hero get a runed axe and its ****ING OVER. WHAT THE **** IS THIS SWINDLE?!?!

On 4vs5 games and conceding:
As Churchill stated: "Never give up, never surrender!"
I'm quite certain Churchill would have conceded a 4v5 game if he had noobs into his team, too.

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