Soloing Misconceptions

08-04-2011 09:33

If I have nothing to do there’s nothing more fun then to check out the forums and have a good laugh about threads that says “I cant get to the 1700 bracket because I always end up with noobs”.

This is coming from someone who has no intention to climb to a higher bracket or soloing to 1800 or something..
I know I belong somewhere around the 1700, and don’t make any illusions that I can go any higher.
Perhaps I’m even a little bit too high, playing a lot with my clan will raise the PSR/TMM I have.

People claim they can’t get out of a certain bracket because they always get retards/noobs as their teammates.
We are all well known to the painful fact that some games are indeed decided by the fail of your team.
And we all rage about it.

Luckily, some games are won because your teammates were way better then the opposing team. Or the players in the opposing team were the noobs for a change.
Funny how you don’t seem to find any threads about this.

If you play a thousand games it is fairly balanced in the amount of games lost/won due to bad/good teammates.

Most heard in this kind of thread is:

“I’m raping mid, but my sidelanes fail to win their lane, place ward and support me”

"The only thing I can do is play a carry/semi-carry to win the game. Im farming my ass of, but my teammates fail to give a proper teamfight”
“I played All Pick, and some noob insta-picked swift. Some else picked SS for mid, and top picked a gank lane, leaving me to pick support.
I support all day but the carries failed hard. Seems I have to pick a carry again next time”
In my believe one of the greatest misconceptions about soloing to a certain PSR/TMM is that you have to play a carry or semi-carry or play mid.

If we put two equal teams against each other (for the purpose of being easy, lets have them all 1500 TMM) you can make the difference if you rightfully believe to belong to a higher bracket (1700’s).
All your teammates, and every player in the opposite team will have their true TMM and we can surely state that it doesn’t matter which role/hero you play.
All the other players will balance out the skill of the player on the opposite team that plays the same role (carry/gank/whatever)
You will do significantly better then your counterpart on the other team.
If you play a support/babysitter in this game, you will do a better job harassing, setting up kills, warding and tp-ing if necessary then the support/babysit on the other team.
Allowing the carry in your lane to farm and do his thing late game.

Of course the same applies to every role there is.
If you gank/carry/initiate/support better then the equivalent on the other team, you will make the difference.

In fact the most games I single handedly won I played Myrmidon, Hellbringer, Bubbles, Glacius or Torturer.

At least you gotta accept that there is only one thing in common in all of your games; you’re in it.
If you don’t make it to the desired bracket it’s probably your own fault, and you belong in the bracket you’re currently in.
This doesn’t mean that you cannot improve of course, just don’t blame it on your teammates.

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Couldn't agree more. All people posting they are "stuck" at X rating and can't get back to their "true" rating are under the impression they play better than they actually are.

Everyone's rating will fluctuate somewhat, but if you can't get back to a certain rating it's most likely you didn't belong there in the first place.

Too bad most HoN players are too stubborn to realise that and just blame it on their team as if they are perfect themselves and never make any mistakes.

08-04-2011 10:19
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