Another new layout

24-03-2011 15:16

It has been a while since the last mayor update on the site, and now you can all see why it took so long! Lots of cosmetic and development updates have gone online in this version.

My release date was a real tribute to S2, I kept telling everyone the new site would be ready "Soon™".

Not all changes are clearly visible, the code also got a huge upgrade, and I'm no longer querying the masterserver for any stats, everything is parsed by using the XML repository for stats provided by S2.

It is a little bit buggy for some requests, especially when requesting the latest matches, as you can clearly see when looking at match id's received in combination with unique matches.

A lot of stats are now also split up for Team matchmaking, Casual matchmaking and public games.

Only the hero stats don't support this feature yet, as the XML service does not provide the data for me to use.

I'd say: everyone enjoy the site once again! There will ofcourse be more updates in the future, so please let me know if you have any suggestions!

I still have to fix the order of names in Quickstats links and the uglyness of the captcha image, as these issue's were apparently missed in my final check of all code before updating, but these will have to wait a bit for now.

For old times sake I included screenshots of the previous 2 version of our site below:

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The new layout is THE BOMB!

24-03-2011 16:22
Dit bericht is niet OK!

Fixed most of the real issues by now, most other issues will be luxury when I think of them or people tell me to fix/add something.

25-03-2011 17:07
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Where is my Member Introduction? :P

25-03-2011 19:23
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Gima to the tria

I left it @ your moms

25-03-2011 19:31
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I introduced your mom to my member last night!

25-03-2011 19:39
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Your mom is a member!

27-03-2011 12:58
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I picked up the introductions and the member Ernesto left at our moms place, and have included the introductions on the frontpage!

28-03-2011 17:21
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Neem de code over Nieuwe code genereren